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Feng Shui for Wealth and Prosperity

We can attract into our lives money, abundance and prosperity with the use of Feng Shui.  It is an ancient way of life that has assisted others in this ancient way.

The I Ching advises, "slow, honest, steady accumulation of Wealth is the best path for securing present and future happiness"

It is represented in the Bagua through self-knowledge, good friends, deep relationships, helpful people, meaningful career, personal creativity, solid intentions for a good reputation and the willingness for centered balance.

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In your home and office you can do that will increase wealth, abundance and prosperity:

Make sure to remove the energy from previous occupants.  This will ensure that their negative energy is removed from your property.  You can use white sage to smudge the home and other forms of purification.

Clear the clutter from your home.

Focus on the entrance way to your home or building to bring in chi.

Keep the entry way and pathway to the home or office unblocked.  It directly affects how the chi is attracted to your home or business.   By keeping it clear of obstructions it allows for positive energy to enter in. Using a water fountain that is place so that the water flows towards the house will increase the cash flow.  The water signifies wealth in Feng Shui. By directing the flow towards the house it encourages wealth to enter. Placing the water fountain by the front door inside the house also brings in wealth. Make sure your entry way is bright.  An dark entry way implies low energy.   Hang a wind chime in the entryway.   Two dragon bells on the door to invite in good chi.  

For your office:

Your desk should be far away from the door as possible.  This is the command position and stimulates energy to your wealth area. The entrance door of the office, should be clearly visible from where you are seated.  But do not place the desk directly across from the door. Emphasize balancing Yin & Yang and The Five Elements - include The Powerful Fire Element.

Enhance the chi flow by arranging your furniture and objects in your home or office.

If the space it too wide open, the chi and money will flow by and away too quickly.   If it is too cluttered or too tight, the chi and the money will be too restricted and contract.

Make sure that you seal up all the money leaks in the home.

The drains in the home signify money leaving the home.  Make sure to seal the sink, tub and shower drains or cover them up in someway.  Then know that your wealth will increase. Keep the bathroom door closed at all times.  This will prevent the draining of health and wealth.  

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