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Story of the Only Wallet in the World Meeting All Feng Shui Principles

"Necessity is the mother of invention" - I think this proverb is the one that best describes the history connected with the creation of the most remarkable wallet in the world. Everything began some 5 years ago, when one of my friends familiarized myself with the philosophy of Feng Shui. It was her who pointed out that I should replace my black purse with a red one, because according to the views of ancient East this color attracts money. At that time I didn't act on these principles. However, a couple of years later I returned to them. While I was shopping in a department store, I saw on the shelf a red purse. I bought it and upon my arrival at home I started to search the Internet looking for information about Feng Shui with reference to storing money. Then it turned out that the color of the purse is not all that counts. It must also have a proper shape, size, place for ID card and photos of the beloved ones. Over the next years I visited various stores and I viewed websites from all over the world looking for a right purse that would meet all the principles of Feng Shui. When color and shape was good, then the size wasn't right or it missed the mirror for multiplying the cash or a place for Chinese bronze coins whose aim is to attract wealth.

After a year of searches, I finally decided that since I can't buy a suitable purse, then I will create it by myself. And here a sewer, who is a friend of mine, came to my help. It was her who sewn the first wallet according to my design. Its size, shape, color and structure met all the principles of Feng Shui. In it there was a place for: a photo of a beloved person, a mirror reflecting one hundred bill covered with 24-karat gold - whose aim is to multiply money, at the front there were three crystals driving away bad energy from outside and protecting the content of the purse against energy of loss. Inside the purse was made a special place for three Chinese bronze coins joined with red yarn, which are the symbol of luck and prosperity. There was also a special place for three natural stones: citrine quartz, amethyst and pyrite, the combination of which brings energy of wealth, financial stability, success in business (including in sales).

Suitable shape and size, colors: red and gold (a golden foil, a zip and a clasp), suitable place for photos and a round mirror, one hundred bill covered with gold, 3 crystals at the front, 3 stones (citrine quartz, amethyst and pyrite) and three bronze coins with red yard inside the purse - all of it contributed to the fact that it became the only wallet in the world meeting at the same time all the principles of Feng Shui. I didn't have to wait long for the effects. The awareness of having such a powerful tool of the Law of Attraction - made me start to notice financial opportunities that surrounded me. Sometimes money were coming from the least expected directions, including the appearance of a debtor from the past years, about whom I have simply forgotten and who gave me back the borrowed money together with satisfactory percent. It all enabled me to lead a reasonably comfortable life, to limit the hours of work, to plan weekend trips and to spend greater amount of time with my children. I had an impression that thanks to my wallet the law of attraction operates with a multiplied strength and that's why I named it Money Magnet Genuine Feng Shui Wallet.

Because of its red color it often attracted the attention of other people when doing shopping. Many of them have asked me where they could buy such a purse. When I explained them that I have made it on my own according to all principles of Feng Shui that I know - they used to walk away with disappointment, because they wanted to get the address of the store, where they could buy such a wallet and not the information that the piece that I had was the only piece in the world. And that was the moment when an idea came into being to make my purse a prototype for thousands of other purses that will be bought by people who wish to have such incredible tool for the work with the Law of Attraction. And this is how the online store was established, a store with the opportunity to buy the only wallet in the world meeting at the same time all Feng Shui principles. Over time the assortment of the store has been expanded with other products, all of them are special and constitute a separate tool of the law of attraction. Thanks to the products from the store You will start to understand the hidden, unrealized strength that You have inside You and its revelation will fill every day of Your life with joy.

For sure you are wondering how does the Money Magnet Wallet work and what is its secret. Well, it is connected with the main message of the Law of Attraction, which is: "like attracts like". If you expect from life positive things and if you believe that you deserve such life, then your life will exactly be like that. On the other hand, if you focus on problems, grumbling, and troubles - then ... well: you will get more of it. Being aware that you have a powerful tool for gathering wealth, money and affluence, which is Money Magnet Wallet - you start to run your life in such a way that your perception is targeted at seeing financial opportunities, which seem to come to you on their own. Why do people find it so hard to lose weight or give up smoking? Because all the time they must focus on things they don't want: losing the excess of weight or giving up doing something. They don't think about things they want, they think about things they don't want. And according to the Law of Attraction we get things which we are thinking about. Order this unique wallet today to believe and see how from day to day you become the Money Magnet.

Good Luck with Good Luck Gift!

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