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Feng Shui Tips for Your Office or Retail Space

There are many things to consider when leasing a new office or retail space. Is it convenient to your customers and clients? Does the layout suit your needs? Is there enough parking?

But in addition to these considerations, you may also want to ask yourself, “Does this location have good Feng Shui?” Don’t laugh off the consideration — there are Feng Shui consultation firms that advise many businesses about Feng Shui, including some large, well-known corporations.

If other companies find value in Feng Shui, you might as well — it certainly can’t hurt. When you’re looking for office or retail space to lease for your business, try doing so with these Feng Shui tips in mind.

Look for Great Lighting

Good lighting is a very basic element of Feng Shui. Good lighting is said to provide positive energy. Light is a fire element, which means that it’s also important for good leadership and enthusiasm — definitely qualities that any business could use more of.

Natural lighting is the best kind of lighting, of course, so be sure to consider the window situation first. Even though you probably won’t rely solely on natural lighting, bringing more of it into your business can only help.

Turn the lights on and observe how well they light the space. If the building has excessive shadows or glare in some places, you may want to find out if the lighting can be adjusted before you sign a lease. Ideally, the light should be evenly spread around the building to allow energy to flow freely.

Pay attention to the kinds of bulbs used in the building’s lighting fixtures as well. Full spectrum bulbs, for example, produce minimal glare and shadow and mimic natural light effectively. Fluorescent bulbs, on the other hand, produce a harsh light and are usually not considered Feng Shui-friendly.

Consider the Location

Location is the first rule of real estate, and it’s a good rule in Feng Shui as well. A location that’s in the middle of an already thriving business center is usually a good choice. The area likely already has good energy, and your business will benefit from this energy as well.

Be wary of leasing a small building that’s surrounded by taller buildings — these taller buildings can block the energy flow to your building. Be aware of what kinds of businesses surround the space that you’re renting — locating too close to a cemetery or hospital can send negative energy your way, and power plants can also have disruptive energy.

Ask about the history of the space that you’re renting. If it’s been home to multiple short-lived business ventures, you may want to pass — this suggests that the building has negative energy that may prevent your business from thriving. On the other hand, a space that’s housed businesses that grew and moved because they needed more space is a good choice.

Keep an Eye out for Existing Feng Shui Elements

Of course, you can improve any space’s Feng Shui by the way you decide to decorate it. For example, you can always bring in mirrors, plants and beautiful paintings. It is a very important to have Feng Shui Amulet for Business such as the Money Magnet Genuine Feng Shui Wallet in the Glass Dome with Gold Base. You can check Feng Shui Amulets for Business here:

However, if the space already has Feng Shui elements incorporated into the design, that’s a definite plus. For example, a fountain in the lobby or outside in the parking area can definitely be a good sign.

Fountains promote harmony and contentment, and the flow of water symbolizes the flow of wealth — hopefully into your business. A fountain in the lobby or outdoors can make the space more beautiful, which can certainly help attract business.

A fountain also suggests a place that is calm and less stressful than other places, which can help set customers or clients at ease. This may be particularly helpful if your business tends to cater to people who might be in distress when they’re looking for your services.

For example, if you’re setting up a law office, you might find that pulling into a parking lot with a fountain or walking into a lobby with a fountain has a calming effect on your clients. The white noise and the flow of the water are soothing and can produce feelings of calm and reassurance.

Seek Out Beautiful Views

Having something beautiful to look at can help promote creativity in the workplace. You should certainly decorate your space with this in mind, but keep in mind that what you see when you look out the windows also matters.

If the space only has a view of a parking garage or the back of another building, the views are not going to be conducive to inspiration and enthusiasm at work. There are ways to work around this — for example, you could put attractive coverings over the windows — but it’s preferable to choose a location that already has a good view.

Many elements of Feng Shui are also just good business sense. Your real estate agent can help you find an office or retail space in your price range that has the Feng Shui properties that will help your business succeed. Learn more:

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