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Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

I’ll show you a very powerful ways you can use your mind to attract wealth and abundance in this article, but first I’d better prove what I’m saying. How could money be a state of mind?

Attract Money Fast Technique #1: The E. Scrooge Principle

Take a moment to reflect on Dickens’ famous creation, Ebenezer Scrooge. Before his Christmas Eve transformation did he have a pile of cash? Yep, but he was living like a pauper. He might as well have had a pile of dead leaves as a pile of cash.

What those three ghosts did was change his state of mind about money, they didn’t make him a penny wealthier!

“Oh yes but …” I hear you cry … “Scrooge actually already had money. I want to attract money and prosperity. I’m not able to change my mind and start buying the biggest, fattest goose for Bob Cratchet’s table.”

True, but the point I want to make is that money is never the end result you want, no matter how much of it you think you’re lacking right now. Scrooge’s money was of no use to him until he began spreading it around. Once he did that he brought a lot of happiness. We’re not told what happened to his money lending business come the New Year, but it’s a fair bet that business got better because people wanted to do business with him.

A similar tale unfolds in the classic movie, “It’s A Wonderful Life,” where the greedy money lender, Potter, finally gets his come-uppance as the townsfolk rally round to help out George Bailey (James Stewart) because George has always been kind and generous.

Yes, I know it’s Hollywood, but those stories have endured because we know in our hearts that there’s a deeper truth in them.

No one is stopping you from spreading kindness and goodwill – even if it’s not Christmas Eve. You can smile and pay compliments for free.

Will that attract money to you? Well, it stands a much better chance of doing so than being greedy or grumpy! Try it!

Attract Money Fast Technique #2: Creative Visualization

Oh, that old chestnut! Does that really work?

Well, yes … and no.

Just imagining a heap of dollar bills or five pound notes won’t make money fall from the sky, any more than imagining a blue elephant will cause one to come into existence. Even though your imagination is more than capable of dreaming up elephants of any colour!

The power to attract money – or manifest anything you desire – doesn’t come from visualizing cash. The power is in the emotional state you trigger by what you imagine. And pictures of money aren’t usually too exciting.

However, imagining your hands on the wheel of your brand new Ferrari, (Mercedes, any car of your choice), may fire you up if you like nice cars.

Seeing yourself and perhaps your lover watching the sun go down over Tahiti from the balcony of your luxury cruise liner … might have some impact.

Of course, you’ll choose your own fantasies.

The point is to use your imagination to trigger the emotions you’ll feel as a wealthy person. Money, as I said before, is only a means to an end.

Even if your only goal is to pay off your credit card debt, you’ll still do better imagining how you’d spend your day without that millstone hanging around your neck.

We only ever want results; how we get them is more or less immaterial.

Which brings me to one caveat about visualization.

Don’t make it conditional. If you’re saying to the universe, “It’s the red Ferrari or it doesn’t count,” you’re severely limiting the options. Why would you care about the car, or how the money shows up, as long as you get the result, which will be some kind of improvements in your lifestyle.

Be attached to the emotions; the images are only there to conjure up those emotions.

This is what your imagination is for!


Attract Money Fast Technique #3: Eliminate Negative Subconscious Beliefs

Much has been said about dealing with the limiting and negative beliefs which may – or may not – be lodged in our subconscious mind.

How can we know what’s in there if they’re subconscious?

This is often used as the “excuse” to explain away the apparent lack of the law of attraction delivering our desires.

Thankfully, there is a very simple solution to this problem.

Ask yourself how you came by those beliefs in the first place.

No, I don’t mean you should blame your mother, father, teachers, or any other “accident” of birth.

Let me illustrate my point with a story, which I doubt is true because I’ve heard several versions of it over the years.

A social worker was visiting one of her charges in prison, not for the first time. This lost young man was a repeat offender – petty crimes always committed under the influence of too much alcohol.

“Why do you think you do it?” she asked, desperate to find a way to help him.

“My father drank,” he replied. “He thought the answer to every problem was at the bottom of a bottle. I guess I just followed his example.”

During the conversation the young man mentioned his twin brother. This was the first time she’d heard mention of a twin.

“And does he drink too?” the social worker asked.

Apparently he did not.

After her visit, the social worker made it her business to pay the twin brother a call.

To her surprise, she pulled up at a nicely kept house in a smart neighbourhood. A clean, modern car was parked in the driveway, and when the brother opened the door, apart from his looks, he couldn’t have been more different from the brother she’d come to know so well.

Over a coffee, the twin brother told the social worker that he was teetotal, and had been all his life.

“Why do you think that is?” she inquired.

“My father drank,” came the reply. “He thought the answer to every problem was at the bottom of a bottle. I guess I just decided not to follow his example.”

You’ve arrived at your beliefs by making deductions, putting two and two together and sometimes coming up with seven and a half … a whole bunch of random and often conflicting sources!

Just decide that you’re going to believe that you are worthy of affluence, wealth and financial freedom.

It will feel like a lie at first, but if you injured your wrist and had to wear your watch on the other hand for a week or so, it would feel odd, but it wouldn’t make the watch wrong, would it?

You have far more power than you believe … or allow yourself to believe.

I hope these subconscious mind power techniques have been helpful. Of course, if you truly want to attract money fast, you’d do well to eliminate all money worries and negative thoughts too.

If you’d like more information about how to train your subconscious mind to stop worrying about money – and learn how to attract money fast, click here … 


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