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A Fantastic Wedding Gift for Newly Married Couple

Feng Shui Wealth and Success Amulet -


This is a fantastic wedding gift for newly married couple because symbolizes everything that people want in their life: prosperity, wealth, health, longevity, happy family life, love, power, authority, wisdom, joy and success.

The Money Magnet Wallet in the Glass Dome with Gold Base, wrapped with tulle, decorative ribbon and cellophane is a potent Feng Shui tool for drawing wealth, money, and prosperity into life of newly married couple.

The Money Magnet Wallet in the Glass Dome with Gold Base can help married couple attract and keep the ever-flowing energy of wealth. It is one and only genuine Feng Shui Wealth and Success Amulet on the market that has everything that can help remove the blockages and transform stagnant energy around its owner.

Here is a list of things which have been placed in Money Magnet Wallet for your prosperity:

  • Circle mirror. It emulates harmony, balance and inflow of money. Mirror multiply energy of money. Never leave mirror inside empty wallet because then you multiply the absence of money.

  • Fake one hundred-dollar bill (replace it with 24k golden one hundred-dollar note). Do not use this money.

  • Three GOLDEN $100 BILLS, WHICH ATTRACT MONEY . Each $100 banknote is has been handcrafted with authentic 24 karat pure gold leaf.

  • Three money stones: Citrine quartz. As yellow as gold this stone represents abundance and dynamism, attracting wealth, prosperity and success both in money and personal relationships. However, it is especially useful for business and sales processes, allowing to attract money, helping to visualize it properly. Pyrite. More than any gem, pyrite is the most recognized as the stone of money and wealth. It helps to improve economic security. Amethyst. Its main function is to transmute the negative thoughts into positive ones, so you will be cleaned of negative energies and attract to achieve economic prosperity that you need and deserve. So it could help you move from poverty to wealth.

  • Three crystals.  When these 3 crystals placed on the silver plate and 3 stones (citrine quarts, pyrite and amethyst) come together, they generate energy of wealth.

  • Three Feng Shui Coins. They are a symbol of luck and prosperity. These three coins made from bronze are tied together with red ribbon to empower its energy.

  • Special place for picture of your loved ones. Carrying a picture of your family or good friends in your Money Magnet Wallet makes you positive and happy. It helps spread a good aura around you.

  • Glass dome with gold base and fairy lights to icrease energy of wealth and good luck.

The Money Magnet Genuine Feng Shui Wallet emits its own Magnetic Energy that Pulls All Good Things to Life of Newly Married Couple!

Live a Life that Overflows with Financial and Spiritual Riches, Prosperity, and Good Luck!

With your Money Magnet Feng Shui Wallet in the Glass Dome with Gold Base you should be prepared for your life to change quickly! Be showered with Unexpected Financial Windfalls! Money Making Opportunities will be around every corner! Doors to Untold Wealth will open to you! Answer to no one! Have all the Material Wealth you Desire and Deserve!

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