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How to Attract Money Into Your Life

Updated: Apr 13, 2018

Looking for a simple way to activate your wealth power? Start with where you hold your cash and credit cards: your wallet!


The Money Magnet Wallet is a potent Feng Shui tool for drawing wealth, money, and prosperity into your life. So, this means that your wallet is not only for keeping your coins and credit cards. Money and wealth don’t like carelessness, but are attracted to people who treat them with respect, gratitude and appreciation. The Money Magnet Wallet can help you attract and keep the ever-flowing energy of wealth. It is one and only genuine Feng Shui Purse on the market that has everything that can helps remove your blockages and transform stagnant energy around you.

Here is a list of things which have been placed in Money Magnet Wallet for your prosperity:

- Circle mirror. It emulates harmony, balance and inflow of money. Mirror multiply energy of money. Never leave mirror inside empty wallet because then you multiply the absence of money.

- Fake one hundred-dollar bill (replace it with real one hundred-dollar note). Do not use this money.

- Three money stones:

1. Citrine quartz. As yellow as gold this stone represents abundance and dynamism, attracting wealth, prosperity and success both in money and personal relationships. However, it is especially useful for business and sales processes, allowing to attract money, helping to visualize it properly.

2. Pyrite. More than any gem, pyrite is the most recognized as the stone of money and wealth. It helps to improve economic security.

3. Amethyst. Its main function is to transmute the negative thoughts into positive ones, so you will be cleaned of negative energies and attract to achieve economic prosperity that you need and deserve. So it could help you move from poverty to wealth.

- Three crystals. When these 3 crystals placed on the silver plate and 3 stones (citrine quarts, pyrite and amethyst) comes together, they generate energy of wealth.

- Three Feng Shui Coins. They are a symbol of luck and prosperity. These three coins made from bronze are tied together with red ribbon to empower its energy.

- Special place for picture of your loved ones. Carrying a picture of your family or good friends in your Money Magnet Wallet makes you positive and happy. It helps spread a good aura around you.

Size and type of Money Magnet Wallet: It is best to have long and straight type of wallet that you do not have to fold the notes in order to put it in. It helps to enhance wealth luck.

Color: The color of Money Magnet is red because it is an excellent choice to attracting wealth and abundance.

Important notice: Though money is just energy, many of us struggle to align with it. A wallet is a home for your money. Make sure to keep your Money Magnet Wallet safely in a fixed place in your house, every time you are back from work or an outing.

Clear out the clutter. Always keep your Money Magnet Wallet neat and clean, free from unnecessary papers, business cards, credit cards, bills or slips. Old bills and receipts represent money which has already been spent. Keeping these receipts would attract more bills and dept. To avoid this keep only money, your, DL, ID or insurance cards in your Money Magnet Wallet.

Credit cards represent dept. Keep your Genuine Feng Shui Wallet free of all credit cards and store them instead in a credit card holder or a pouch.

All your notes and coins should be neatly kept in your wallet.

Your Money Magnet should be well packed with money to attract more wealth and abundance.

Stop use your Money Magnet when will get damaged and replace it with a new one without any further delay.

Description: Every Money Magnet is genuine Feng Shui Wallet in red color and includes: 3 Feng Shui Coins on red string, 3 Money Stones (citrine quartz, pyrite and amethyst), 3 Crystals placed on silver plate, Circle Mirror and fake One Hundred-Dollar Bill. Each wallet is delivered to customer in yellow satin bag because this color is known as the best one for career development and profits in every business.

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