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How to Use Feng Shui to Attract Money and Wealth

True wealth is having things you desire, which ultimately comes from real work on your goals. But feng shui can help you invite more money and abundance into your life.

Feng shui helps create an environment conducive to attracting wealth by consciously placing objects in certain ways. However, remember that the environment alone does not guarantee success and prosperity, nor is it a substitute for working toward your goals.

Keeping that in mind, you can use feng shui to create an environment of abundance in your home and mind, and bring you success and wealth. Here are some simple tips to use feng shui to attract money and wealth to your home.

Make your front door attract money. Your front door determines the quality of energy that will flow through your entire house. So, keep your main entry area clean, fresh and flowing. The idea is to make the flow of energy to the front door very smooth, resembling flowing water. The door should be strong and sturdy, and open widely without squeaking. It should be of a good proportion in comparison to the house as a whole. If you have a bigger house, you need a bigger front door. Bring a sense of beauty to your main entry area with nice door hardware and paint. The welcome mat should be bright and fresh. Remove any recycling bins, cracked old pots or other items blocking the flow of energy to your front door.

Find your feng shui money area. Various traditions of feng shui suggest different wealth areas to your home or room. One is the southeast section of your home or room, and the other is the back left corner of the room if you are facing the room from the entrance.

Clean your money corner. Clutter can negatively influence many areas of your life and can neither attract nor keep the energy of wealth. Remove any unnecessary items that that create visual clutter. It could be dead plants, garbage cans or bags, and any items that remind you of people, places or things you prefer not to think about. Also, take care of anything that represents money negatively like unpaid bills, mortgage payment reminders and old receipts.

Clean your refrigerator, closets, drawers, surfaces and light fixtures. Throw away any items that you haven’t used for a long time. Repair broken items or repaint old items if needed. A broken and dripping tap represents a constant loss of wealth. Once you have cleared this space, clean it by dusting, sweeping and mopping.

Display symbols of wealth. Display feng shui symbols of wealth that speak to you of wealth and abundance. Store your change in a glass bowl in your wealth area to form the image of abundance and wealth. Also, do not take money out of the jar and make sure to keep adding more to it. Let it symbolize that you want your money to keep growing. Use various symbols of money in your wealth corner, such as Monopoly or any money board games, piggy banks, your jewelry box and savings account statements. Also include images of money, pictures of the house or car you dream of having, or anything that represents wealth to you. Hanging wind chimes or Chinese coins tied together with a red ribbon is also believed to attract wealth. Make sure to use coins in increments of three, six or eight – with eight being the most powerful money-manifesting number.

Use crystals. Citrine crystals are known for attracting wealth. Another popular wealth stone is pyrite. Gem trees with amethyst, citrine, coral, pearl or agate crystals are also said to attract wealth. Place them in your money corner.

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Use mirrors. Mirrors act as wealth magnets. They bring joy, prosperity, wealth and abundance. Place a mirror in your dining area in such a way that it reflects the dining table. This symbolizes abundance. A mirror with a gold frame, preferably in a square or rectangular shape, is the best choice.

Colors for wealth. Gold, red, yellow, green and black are the colors for wealth in feng shui.

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