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Wealth, Personal Responsibility and the Law of Attraction

Lots of people have lots of dreams of being wealthy, some folks get to experience wealth, many never do. Why? The answer is simple really. Most people who are suffering a lack of wealth are never introduced to the truth about the godlike power that exists inside of them. In the human band of reality, people are what they think they are and folks who never have enough to pay the bills are experiencing exactly what they are commanding their godlike nature to manifest in their lives (usually in an unconscious way). On the opposite side of this equation, the people who manifest a lot of wealth in their day to day experience understand (consciously or unconsciously) the power that we have at our command and most importantly, take responsibility for it.

In many circles this inner power is called the Law of Attraction. Here what Wikipedia has to say about the Law of Attraction:

The general consensus among New Thought thinkers is that the Law of Attraction takes the principal "Like Attracts Like" and applies it to conscious desire. That is, a person's thoughts (conscious and unconscious), emotions, and beliefs cause a change in the physical world that attracts positive or negative experiences that correspond to the aforementioned thoughts, with or without the person taking action to attain such experiences. This process has been described as "harmonious vibrations of the law of attraction"[1], or "you get what you think about; your thoughts determine your experience".

The truth is that, as a godlike being, you manifest most of your personal circumstances. Regarding the circumstances that are imposed upon you, you have the last word on how you will feel about and react to them. Part of taking responsibility for your inner genie is to give up blaming or praising anyone or anything else for your personal circumstances good or bad. The buck stops with you. I'm not saying you should not acknowledge and appreciate the help someone else offers you. I saying if you do, don't forget to praise yourself for accepting that help. In that way the buck still stops with you. If you really want to praise a teacher or benefactor or higher power, then take the help or knowledge given and do something cool with it, like start a new and happier direction in your life. What better praise can you give then that! Once you start living with this attitude, you will have taken a huge step in increasing your personal power and claiming your godlike status as a co-creator with the Universe and that, among other things, means the power to create more wealth in your life.

Strange huh? We (or who we think we are) are our own best friend and worse enemy. But, if you're hurting now, how will this knowledge help you in the next 10 seconds. Simple, this powerful truth will give you hope and hope is the first step when embarking on a new journey to a better place. Hope starts to activate your inner power and fills you body and mind with different thoughts and emotions then the destructive emotions of depression or powerlessness. And since "like attracts like" you will start attracting into your day to day experience the new energy of hope making your dreams suddenly seem possible. Once your dreams start to seem possible then you'll be in the position to act on them to make them a reality.

Isn't that cool? Isn't the Universe unfathomable that it works like this and that it's available to everyone?

There are some powerful Law of Attraction tools, which can help you to attract what you want into your life. Seven of the most powerful Law of Attraction tools you will find here:

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